“Experience in apiary” tour

Our Immersive Beekeeping Experience will provide you with an in-depth introduction to the lives of bees, who are essential to the sustainability of our agriculture and the maintenance of a healthy environment.

Take part in an exclusive adventure into the beating heart of biodiversity at Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in picturesque Arogno, Canton Ticino.

What the Experience Includes:

  • Introduction to Apiary Life: Learn about the importance of bees in our ecosystem and how they contribute to biodiversity.
  • Personal Meet & Greet with Bees: Put on the beekeeping suit provided by us and safely approach a beehive. You will be guided through an inspection that reveals the extraordinary organization and hard work of our bees.
  • Impact on Biodiversity: Understand the crucial role of bees in pollination and how this positively affects the variety of plant life and agricultural production.

Experience Details:

  • Duration: 1.5 hours of total immersion in the world of bees.
  • Location: Arogno, an ideal natural setting for this unique experience.
  • Period Available: April 1 to October 15, ideal for watching bees at work.
  • Participants: 2 to 8 people, to ensure a personalized and intimate experience.
  • Clothing: We recommend the use of long clothing for your comfort.
  • Price:
    • For 2 people: 70 CHF per person.
    • Groups of 3 to 4 people: 60 CHF per person.
    • Groups of 5 to 8 people: 45 CHF per person.

Book Your Adventure:

Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of bees and understand their vital impact on our ecosystem?

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through the contact form for more information or to arrange your customized tour. This experience is an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in nature, sustainability and, of course, bees!

Learn with us why bees are considered the beating heart of agriculture and a healthy environment, and be inspired by their importance to our future.