Honeys are the
Photographing the landscape in which they are collected: every single touch of a bee
on a flower is a pixel that gives life to the whole image.

Andrea Paternoster

Organic honey from Azienda Agricola Bianchi

Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in Arogno in the heart of Canton Ticino, organic honey production represents a passion and commitment to nature and sustainability. In addition to viticulture, beekeeping plays a central role in our agricultural practices, contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem balance.

Our Production

Our honey is the result of the tireless work of our bees, who collect nectar from the flowers of the vast untreated, biodiversity-rich areas surrounding the farm. The variety of flora present gives our honey unique characteristics, which vary according to season and specific floral composition.

Production Process

We follow traditional and natural methods for extracting and processing honey, ensuring that each jar retains the original aromas of the harvested nectar. Our commitment to organic farming is reflected in the superior quality of our honey, which is free from any chemical treatment, thus preserving its purity and nutritional value.

Here is a video showing the way we work: BIO Ticinese Honey

Varieties of Honey

We offer several varieties of honey, each with its own flavor profile. These include Chestnut Honey, with its intense, slightly bitter taste, perfect for accompanying aged cheeses; Robinia Honey, sweet and delicate, ideal for sweetening teas and infusions without altering their flavor; and Lime Honey, prized for its distinctive aroma and floral notes, excellent for strengthening the immune system.

Commitment to Sustainability

Our beekeeping is based on respect for bees and the environment in which they live.

Through sustainable practices, we strive to protect these valuable insects, which are essential for pollination and biodiversity. Beekeeping helps raise awareness of the need to conserve natural habitats and the importance of bees in our ecosystem.


One of the wonders of the bee world is propolis, a resinous substance collected from tree buds and transformed by bees into a powerful natural antioxidant.

Used within the hive to coat and protect the walls, propolis acts as a barrier against viruses and bacteria, providing a sterile environment for the queen and her larvae.

Discover our Organic Honey

We invite you to discover Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s organic honey, a product that encapsulates the essence of Ticino’s nature and commitment to environmentally friendly production.

Contact us to learn more or to arrange a visit to our farm, where you can learn first-hand about the world of bees and the honey production process.