Biodiversity Garden

Discover the Giardino della Biodiversità: A green setting in Ticino

Visit the Giardino della Biodiversità, a jewel of the Azienda Agricola Bianchi in Rovio, where sustainability is combined with environmental education.

In this green sanctuary:

  • Explore terraces planted with aromatic and medicinal herbs, learn about their cultivation and use.
  • Attend picnics among the olive trees in a rustic setting enhanced by dry stone walls, ideal for savoring local products.
  • Deepen your knowledge through interactive educational posters along the trail for a deeper understanding of nature and biodiversity.
  • Enjoy relaxing moments at the vantage points, overlooking the rooftops of Rovio and the bay of Riva San Vitale.

Ideal for families, nature enthusiasts and educational groups, the Garden offers seasonal experiences that directly engage visitors in sustainable practices.

Contact us to plan your visit and explore the green heart of Ticino!

News! Positive local synergies made possible the creation of Generoso Herbal Tea, now available in Migros in the Ticino territory.

Tisana Monte Generoso In Migros

This collaboration came about between our Azienda Agricola Bianchi, Erbe Ticino and Ferrovia Monte Generoso.

Monte Generoso Herbal Tea is on sale in addition to Migros Ticino’s 25 branches, at Fiore di pietra and Camping Monte Generoso.

Here’s what the billboards in Rovio’s Giardino della Biodiversità are all about.