Biodiversity Garden

The Biodiversity Garden is an educational and sharing project that originated in Rovio. Within the area, which is divided into terraced areas, there is a part of cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs including lippia, citrus mint and marigold. In another part is an olive grove with about 40 olive trees protected by a dry stone wall where picnics are organized during the warmer months. At the highest part of the grounds is a shared, free area with picnic tables, benches, and a nice view of the rooftops of Rovio as well as the bay of Riva San Vitale.

All along the trail that runs alongside the Biodiversity Garden and on the shared viewing area are educational posters that, with the help of QR technology, will give you the opportunity to learn more about various topics related to the surrounding nature and biodiversity!

The educational trail was created thanks to the support and collaboration with Trifolium, Erbe Ticino and Daniele Fumagalli, and theMendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio Regional Development Authority.

News! Positive local synergies made possible the creation of Generoso Herbal Tea, now available in Migros in the Ticino territory.

This collaboration came about between our Bianchi Farm, Erbe Ticino and Ferrovia Monte Generoso.

Monte Generoso Herbal Tea is on sale in addition to Migros Ticino’s 25 branches, at Fiore di pietra and Camping Monte Generoso.

That’s what the billboards at Rovio Biodiversity Garden are all about.