¿Who are we in the company ?

Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in Arogno, in the heart of Ticino, was founded in 1998.

Since then, we have been dedicated to the production of wine, honey and derivatives following strict principles of sustainability and respect for biodiversity.

Our winery is led by brothers Gabriele and Martino Bianchi, respectively an engineer winemaker and a certified viticulturist, who carry on the mission of combining innovation with family tradition in organic farming.

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy rests on the foundation that respect for nature and biodiversity are essential to the production of wholesome, high-quality food. Every Bianchi product, from wines to honeys, is a reflection of our dedication to organic farming, certified Bio Suisse, and our commitment to environmental conservation.

Our Products

  • Wines: The diversity of our soils allows us to grow unique grape varieties. For Bianchi wines, we rely on Johanniter and Solaris varieties, while our red wines and rosé sparkling wines are derived from innovative grape varieties of the Cabernet Sauvignon family. Since 2012, we have also introduced the cultivation of Merlot, Syrah and Chardonnay, again following the principles of organic farming.
  • Honey: Beekeeping is a fundamental element of our business. With over 500 hives, we produce varied honeys that capture the essence of Ticino, following a sustainable approach that respects the natural cycle of bees.
  • Other Products: In addition to wines and honey, we offer a variety of products including grappa, nocino, and herbal wine vinegar. These items exemplify our desire to enhance every aspect of our agricultural production while offering unique products that reflect the richness of our land.


Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s commitment to excellence in sustainable and organic viticulture has received major awards, including the prestigious“Rookie Des Jahres” award from Gault Millau Schweiz in 2023. This distinction not only confirms the superior quality of our wines, but also underscores the importance of our environmentally friendly production philosophy.

In addition, our Merlot Piaz Vino Rosso Barricato was awarded 93 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards, an outstanding achievement that testifies to the attention to detail and passion we devote to the creation of each bottle. This recognition complements our second place in the Grand Master category at the Mondial du Merlot, highlighting our ability to excel in a world-class competition with wines that best express the unique character of Ticino’s terroir.

These awards reflect our ongoing commitment to the pursuit of excellence, innovation and sustainability, key elements that guide every aspect of our work in the vineyard and winery.

They are a source of great pride for us and an incentive to continue on our path of improvement, with the goal of offering our customers wines of unsurpassed quality.

Visit us

We are happy to welcome you to Arogno to introduce you to our reality. We offer vineyard tours, tastings of our products and an immersion in the philosophy that guides our every choice.

A unique experience that will connect you to the land and its fruits.