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Welcome to the universe of high-quality spirits and liqueurs and their derivatives offered by Azienda Agricola Bianchi in the heart of Canton Ticino. 

We proudly present our wide selection of handcrafted specialties, the result of our passion for tradition, quality and authenticity.

From Grappa Nostrana to Nocino, from Herb Wine Vinegar to Grappa Barricata and Quince Pear Brandy, our range includes a variety of delicacies that reflect the richness and diversity of Ticino’s agricultural products and their derivatives. 

Each bottle represents a sensory journey through the unique flavors and traditions of our region, from the essence of local grapes to the delicacy of herbs, offering an unparalleled culinary experience.

AtAzienda Agricola Bianchi, we are committed not only to offering high quality products, but also to promoting sustainable practices and respect for the environment. Every creation that comes out of our distillery is the result of our dedication to excellence and our passion for our land.

Discover our full assortment of Ticino’s agricultural products and be transported by the wealth of flavors and traditions that characterize each of our creations.

Contact us today to learn more or to arrange a visit to our company, where you can enjoy a uniqueexperience in the heart of Ticino.