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Piaz Merlot, Merlot Switzerland’s Italian Region

Awards: 93 points at the Decanter Award in London and 2nd place at the Mondial du Merlot, Grand Master category in Zurich

Grapes and Vinification:
100% Merlot, fermented and macerated in conical logs in wood for 40 days, aged in barrels for 15 months.

Tasting characteristics:
A ruby red coloured wine, on the nose an immediate wine that focuses its olfactory notes on the freshness of the fruit and the spiciness.

On the palate it is a fresh wine, balanced between hardness and softness of taste, with tannins present but still elegant with a beautiful fruity expression.

Medium structured and in perfect harmony with the nose.

Meat-based first courses, e.g. risotto with Ticino lard and aromatic herbs or luganighetta.


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