Syrah piaz, barricaded red wine


Syrah piaz is an emblem of the Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s winemaking tradition, located in the heart of the picturesque municipality of Arogno, in Canton Ticino. This barricaded red wine is the result of a careful selection of Syrah grapes, grown following organic principles that reflect the harmony between man and nature, testifying to the winery’s commitment to biodiversity and sustainability.

Characteristics and Vinification:

Syrah grapes are fermented and macerated in conical wooden logs for 40 days, a technique that emphasizes concentration of flavors and aromas. Next, the wine is aged in barrels for 15 months, a process that further enriches its flavor profile with woody and spicy notes, while maintaining the freshness and vibrancy typical of Syrah.


To the eye, Syrah piaz is distinguished by its deep ruby red color. On the nose, it offers a rich and multifaceted bouquet, where spicy notes are harmoniously intertwined with accents of ripe fruit. In the mouth, the wine reveals a balanced structure, supported by good acidity and well-dosed tannins, leading to a flavor persistence of remarkable intensity and depth.

Recommended pairings:

This wine goes well with rich and structured dishes, ideal for enhancing their complexity. Try it with meaty main courses such as lamb gigot or Swiss pepper beef tenderloin, where the intense character and aromatic richness of Syrah piaz will complement the succulence of the meats beautifully.


Azienda Agricola Bianchi invites wine lovers to discover Syrah piaz, a true expression of Ticino’s terroir.

Each sip tells a story of passion, dedication and respect for the environment, offering an authentic wine experience that celebrates excellence and innovation in organic viticulture.

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