None, barricaded white wine


None is an expression of finesse and complexity, a barricaded white wine that captures attention for its elegant structure and distinct flavor profile, the result of a careful winemaking and aging process that makes it a symbol of Ticino excellence.

Grapes and Vinification:

None wine is created from Solaris grapes, vinified in barrels to enhance their aromatic richness. Fermentation at low temperatures followed by a 7-month aging period in barrels gives this wine a complexity and layering of flavors that reveal themselves in a harmonious progression on the palate.

Tasting Characteristics:

None has a bright straw yellow color. Intense citrus scents and tertiary notes emerge on the nose, hinting at the fine toastiness of wood. In the mouth, the wine reveals a perfect balance between acidity and minerality, with a contribution from the wood that enriches the profile without overpowering, leading to a fascinating persistence.

Recommended pairings:

Ideal with marinated or smoked seafood appetizers, None also pairs beautifully with smoked hams. Its structure and depth make it a favorite companion for dishes that require a full-bodied wine with a freshness capable of balancing intense flavors. Serve between 10 and 12°C to fully enjoy its facets.


We invite you to explore the unique personality of None, a wine that reflects the essence of Bianchi’s terroir.

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