Marà, rosé sparkling wine


Marà Spumante Rosé is one of the most refined and seductive expressions produced by Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in Arogno, in the picturesque Canton Ticino.

This rosé sparkling wine comes from the winery’s innovative vision of combining traditional production methods with a strong commitment to sustainable and organic practices to create wines that reflect the pure essence of their terroir.

Characteristics and Vinification:

Made from interspecific varieties of the Cabernet Sauvignon family, Marà Spumante Rosé undergoes a classic first fermentation in stainless steel tanks, followed by aging in barriques for a few months, before proceeding with the second fermentation in the bottle.

Contact with the yeasts for 14 months before disgorging enriches the sparkling wine with complexity and finesse, while maintaining its characteristic freshness and elegance.


To the eye, Marà has a delicate light pink color enhanced by coppery hues.

On the nose, it offers an intriguing bouquet, with floral and fruity notes that invite tasting.

On the palate, it surprises with its freshness and liveliness, balanced by a savoriness that prolongs its drinking pleasure. The fine and elegant perlage gently caresses the palate, making each sip a memorable experience.

Recommended pairings:

Ideal as an aperitif, Marà Spumante Rosé is also perfect as an accompaniment to light dishes, particularly local cured meats and fish dishes from Lake Lugano.

Its versatility makes it an excellent companion for celebrating special occasions, offering a touch of class and sophistication to any toast.


Azienda Agricola Bianchi invites you to discover Marà Spumante Rosé, an oenological gem that combines Ticino’s winemaking tradition with sustainable innovation. Each bottle encapsulates the fruit of a genuine passion for quality viticulture and the purest expression of our commitment to the environment.

With Marà, every moment turns into an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and richness of our land.

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