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Marà del lago, Sparkling Rosé Wine

The Marà del Lago is a beautiful soft coral pink colour, crystal clear, with a fine but at the same time captivating bubble.
but at the same time captivating.

The first nose reveals notes of small fruits, wild strawberries and currants with a succession of different aromas, from yeast to vanilla.
of different aromas ranging from yeast to vanilla.

In the mouth it gives its best, with a delicate approach and a creamy, enveloping bubble.
An ample and balanced structure with a long persistence.

An exclusive sparkling wine suitable for special occasions, to be drunk alone or paired with classic lake fish dishes.
classic dishes based on fish from the lake or more refined haute cuisine.

The advice is to serve it at a temperature of between 10-12 degrees Celsius to best appreciate its character and complexity!
character and complexity!


Marà del lago special in the Blue Kitchen programme on bluewin.ch

Sparkling wine description by sommeliers Anna Valli, Elena Mozzini, Mirko Rainer