Grappa nostrana


Grappa Nostrana from Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in Arogno in the heart of Canton Ticino, is a distillate that embodies the essence and tradition of our land.

This grappa is handcrafted using only the best local grape skins, carefully selected from our organic vineyards, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainable and quality practices.

Distinctive Features:

Grappa nostrana is distinguished by its crystal clarity and unique flavor profile. Our careful selection of skins and slow, controlled distillation process give this grappa exceptional smoothness and purity, with delicate fruity hints that enrich its flavor.

Production Process:

The production of Grappa nostrana begins immediately after the harvest, when the grape skins, still rich in juice and aroma, are distilled. This traditional method captures the essence of the fruit, turning the skins into a high-quality distillate. The entire process is carried out with a care and respect that only artisanal production can guarantee.


In tasting, Grappa nostrana reveals its complexity with a surprising smoothness on the palate, accompanied by elegant and persistent notes. Its versatility makes it perfect both to be enjoyed neat, at the end of a meal as a digestif, and as a refined base for innovative cocktails.


We invite you to discover Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s Grappa Nostrana, a distillate that celebrates the richness and diversity of Ticino.

Contact us to learn more about this exclusive product or to arrange a visit to our distillery, where you can immerse yourself in the art of distillation and the passion that characterizes each of our creations.

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