Barrel brandy


The Grappa Barricata produced by Azienda Agricola Bianchi, located in the enchanting setting of Arogno in Canton Ticino, is a true expression of Ticino’s craftsmanship and distilling tradition.

This selected grappa is distinguished by its aging process in oak barrels, which gives it a unique and unmistakable character, ideal for connoisseurs and lovers of quality spirits.

Distinctive Features:

Our Grappa Barricata shines with its golden color, the result of barrel aging that enriches its bouquet with warm notes of vanilla, spices and toasted wood. This maturation also gives it an extraordinary smoothness, making each sip an enveloping and intense experience.

Production Process:

Production begins with the selection of the best pomace, the result of our winemaking of local grapes, which is distilled following traditional methods to preserve the rich aromas of the grape variety. After distillation, the grappa is aged in selected oak barrels for a period that varies depending on the aromatic intensity and complexity we wish to achieve. This aging process not only enriches the grappa with unique aromatic nuances but also softens its taste, perfectly balancing the essence of the wood with the purity of the distillate.


Grappa Barricata offers a complex tasting experience, with a perfect balance between the woody notes and freshness of the original grappa. It is recommended to be enjoyed neat, at room temperature, to fully appreciate its aromatic nuances and lingering, harmonious aftertaste.

Commitment to Sustainability:

Azienda Agricola Bianchi is deeply committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly production. Our Grappa Barricata is the result of this commitment, using local raw materials and distilling practices that reflect our dedication to quality and the preservation of Ticino’s natural and cultural heritage.


We invite you to discover Azienda Agricola Bianchi’s Grappa Barricata, a distillate that represents the excellence and authenticity of our land.

Contact us to learn more or to arrange a visit to our distillery, where you can explore the world of our grappa and have a unique experience in the heart of Ticino.

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