The Edelweiss Garden

To our amazement, we discovered that edelweisses really like the climate in Rovio, and therefore grow very well at the Giardino della Biodiversità. Since edelweiss is a much sought-after and rare flower, thanks to the cooperation of the Monte Generoso Railway, we decided to start a parallel project dedicated only to them. All edelweiss is organically grown and Bio Suisse certified.

This project aims to bring everyone closer to nature, sustainability and producers to restore the value of genuine and simple things. Thanks to the apline stars of Rovio, the Edelweiss Herbal Tea of Monte Generoso was born, which, enriched with other herbs and flowers, can be tasted and purchased at Fiore di Pietra in Vetta. To learn more you can visit the Monte Generoso website.

Do you know that apline stars are rare and delicate flowers? You can find lots of information and trivia about this magical flower here.