Testimony to a rural past

As in other parts of Ticino, there are many structures from the past built of stone in the Mara Valley area.

These are the result of the needs of the people, who have adapted to the characteristics of the land, changing the landscape where possible to their own advantage and creating terraced agricultural areas on steep terrain. Thus, small churches, farmsteads, chapels, stone paths, wash houses and entire village nuclei have sprung up even on the most inaccessible territories, alongside terraces, often in dry stone walls.

Nowadays, hand in hand with the abandonment of many formerly cultivated areas, many of these elements are no longer maintained and pour into a state of neglect.

The dry stone walls and other stone structures still present in the area bear witness to the rural past of the valley and have great socio-cultural value that should be preserved.

What structures from the past can you notice around you?