Events at the Garden of Biodiversity

Events at the biodiversity garden

Thank you all for this first full season at the Biodiversity Garden!
See you again next year (2024) with new dates and suggestive proposals.

What happens to the biodiversity garden?

In a society that is increasingly hectic and distant from nature, that sense of belonging connected to the land and its products is inevitably returning. The Bianchi Farm has always been committed to passing on its principles related to organic farming and sustainability.

Two years ago we had the opportunity to take over some old terraces in Rovio, just behind the core. After renovations, we installed several medicinal herb crops including the iconic Edelweiss.

Starting in May 2023, we have decided to organize food and wine events with the aim of bringing our guests back to green spaces and nature. The appointments will be held directly at the Biodiversity Garden, within a natural setting consisting of small natural plots outlined by olive trees. Guests will receive a basket consisting of local food items, as organic as possible and in collaboration with local restaurateurs and partners. They can then enjoy their Pic-Nic comfortably seated, or lying down, right in the garden.

The events will take place almost entirely without the use of electricity, using reclaimed materials and supporting local products and producers.

Guests can then enjoy a moment outdoors in a natural setting with a unique view of the village of Rovio, the Gulf of Riva San Vitale and the slopes of Generoso. Events will be held, in part, in conjunction with the lunar calendar to ensure an even more special experience for the guest.


Come visit us at the Garden of Biodiversity!


Upcoming events:

  • Events will begin again starting in 2024 spring.
  • For reservations under 10 years old, please contact us privately by email.

Participating is so easy! Just contact us at or 076 273 20 50. The cost of your Pic-Nic among the olive trees is 39 chf.- per person while. Included is a mystery box created and assembled by Grotto Grassi of Tremona, a glass of Sambì or Olivone Herbal Tea, and the picnic station set up. You will only have to worry about relaxing and enjoying a different moment, in close contact with nature and in a unique setting!

You can request a vegetarian version! The event is held only in good weather and can be canceled up to 2 days in advance. Except for exceptional natural cases. Access is by reservation only and requests close 2 days before the event. The customer may cancel the reservation up to 48 hours before the event.