Aromatic and edible plants at your doorstep

Nature offers us more than we may think, even close to home. Did you know that these escarpments are composed of at least 20 plant species of aromatic and edible plants ?

An ‘example of an edible species is Silene vulgaris, in Italian Silene rigonfia, also called “Verzitt” in the dialect of the region because of its taste reminiscent of cabbage. You can recognize it by its leaves that resemble plastic to the touch, and you can eat it raw in salads or in risottos or soups. The calyx of the flowers forms a bulge that can be “burst” and is also called a “bubbolino.”

In spring as well as throughout the summer, the smell of thyme can be smelled in the air. Yes, it too grows very happily on dry, well-exposed slopes in the sun. Common thyme Thymus serpyllum aggr., a popular aromatic herb, can be found on these escarpments.

Here you will find the list of edible plants found at the Giardino della Biodiversità in Rovio and its surroundings.